November 28, 2011

Ultimate Venus Chapter 20

Chapter 20 is out! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
I forgot to include a credits page this time, but the scans are, as always, from greenleaf1309.  Translation and editing by me :)

Link to download:
Ultimate Venus - Chapter 20


  1. when do you think you can get chapter 21 out?And thx so much for the scanlations!Rlly appreciate it!I can't wait 4 more!

  2. @Ange

    Hmm I can't promise anything since I have finals soon, but hopefully within a month. I've already started it, so I'll get it out asap! :)

  3. thank yo sooo much for the scans! what u are doing is great!

  4. I can't wait! I hope you upload more on! Thank-you for the great chapter! :D Thank-you so much! ♥