August 27, 2012

Kagerou Days Chapters 1 & 2

Here's Chapter 1 (or Chapter 0 continued) and 2 of Kagerou Days~
I really hope Pixiv will post Chapter 3 soon. The Japanese scans we used for Chapter 2 were so much nicer than the Chinese scans for Chapter 1 X3
Enjoy, everybody~

Download links: Kagerou Days - Chapter 1
                                                                   Chapter 2


  1. thank you for the release ^_^

  2. wowww thankie <3 I really love this serie~

  3. Thanks for translating these! I think Chapter should be on Pixiv around 9/15? My memory's kind of fuzzy on the exact date, but so far it seems that it gets uploaded online about a month after it's released in Comic GENE. So on 9/15, Comic GENE would release Chapter 4, while on Pixiv, last month's Chapter 3 would be posted.

  4. I have read the 3rd chapter of kagerou days here:
    So can somebody translate it...i hope i xan be of help....

    1. Haha thanks very much. We're already working on translating it. What I meant was these are Chinese scans and I prefer to edit using the Japanese scans because they're a lot cleaner ^^

  5. thank you very much for working on this title! ^^

  6. wow.. thank you very much for working english translation in this manga XD

    i just found a raw scans on chinese site.. i think this is chapter 3

    can you translate it??

    and.. if you have free time.. can you translate this
    just 5 pic :D

    thanks :D

    1. You're very welcome :)
      Chapter 3 is already done translating and is currently typesetting.
      Do you by any chance know where this short comic about Mary is from?