September 2, 2012

Kyoukai no Rinne - Chapter 106 & 107

We've got a double release this time, with chapter 106 and 107 of Rinne.
Also, we've got a new member, Tristanthorn, working with us from now on :D
There's only one more chapter left of volume 11, so I'm pretty excited X3

Thanks, everyone who voted in our poll! The overwhelming majority preferred that we translate the SFXs and write them on the side, so from now on, that's what we'll do :)

Links: Chapter 106 - Download | Read Online
              Chapter 107 -  Download | Read Online


  1. thank you very muach. i love this manga!! ^.^

  2. So much Rinne O_O I love you! And the latest chapters had lots of Sakura too. That makes it all even better. I'm in heaven thanks to you.

  3. I love rinne :3 . Juneliu92, u rocks!!