September 29, 2012

Senmu no Inu and Kagerou Days

Hiii minnasan~

We have some releases for you!
First, here is Chapter 4 of Kagerou Days, Mekakushi Code!

Next off, we decided to pick up an old short manga by Takahashi Rumiko called Senmu no Inu, which is actually a collection of several short oneshots.  It's a joint project together with Kiss Scans :)

We hope you enjoy it~

Links: Kagerou Days Chapter 4 - Download | Read Online
              Senmu no Inu Chapter 1 - Download | Read Online


  1. Any proximate date for the next chapter yet? I'd really appreciate it if anybody let me know.

    1. Which series are you referring to? Kagerou Days comes out monthly. As for Senmu no Inu, it's done being translated and we're currently in the cleaning phase now ;]