May 30, 2013

New Project: Katsuhiro Otomo Short Stories

Roselia Scans is proud to announce their latest project: short stories by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Back when I were a lad, anime meant one thing: Akira. That movie changed everything in the Western world; for years it was the highest standard in Japanese animation. Directed and based on an epic manga by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Akira is a great read, but it only comprises a fraction of the man's output, most of which hasn't been translated into English. Seriously, he's written a lot.

I plan to release a chapter or two a month, we'll see how it goes.

Here's one of his recent stories, DJ Teck's Morning Attack.


(And if you've never seen Akira, go see it now. Kanedaaaaa! Tetsuoooo!)


  1. Otomo! Many thanks for scanlating his stuff :D
    So this oneshot is just published recently? Not from his anthologies?

    Are you planning to scanlate his earlier anthologies (like SOS Daitoukyou Tankeitai, Sayonara Nippon) or just his new one?

    1. I own most of his work, and plan to work on everything. Watch this space!

  2. Seriously your interests tie in with mine perfectly! Kabu no Isaki, Takahashi Rumiko short stories now this.
    I've been looking for groups who'd translate and typeset Otomo's short story collections for a while now. Ray=out agreed to do the shorts from SOS Daitoukyou Tankeitai which Kotonoha missed; I did the cleaning and the project is in translation...
    If you need any help cleaning or finding RAWs I'm your man.

    1. Hey
      I did this short story, then planned to work backwards, so Kouen (park) is next.

      I was going to translate SOS after that but if another group is doing it then nevermind. How far along with the translations are they?

    2. The last update I had, on the 16th of May, was that the translator(who is apparently a professional) would begin translating after he'd fixed some issues with his hard drive.

  3. This is the kinda stuff I like, it maybe old but it's the best of its time, a lot of today's publications are generic and try to cater to everyone's tastes, professionals know that that cannot be done, and so they excel at one thing and one thing alone, ironically they end up creating legendary master pieces recognized by all, god bless you and thanks.

    1. While I agree that it's nice to see more Otomo works getting translated, this oneshot isn't old at all - mangaupdates lists it as a 2012 publication.

    2. My bad then, anon, I didn't check beforehand, but the art style is deeply connected with what I enjoyed as a kid back in the day that it made me feel all nostalgic and tingly, so I thought it was some of the old still untranslated cool stuff of the author, I sure am happy that things I could enjoy are still being made to this day and I am looking forward to all your next releases, you've wet my appetite for more :D

    3. Hey
      Thanks for your comment.
      This one shot was quite recent, but I plan to work backwards through his work and get to the old-school stuff.
      (Actually, most of his stuff is old-school,since 1982 he's only released a handful of short stories,plus Akira).

    Hard to find Otomo's work translated.
    I have the scan of World apartment horror, but in japanese :(