June 21, 2013

New project: Koukaku no Pandora - Ghost Urn

Hello, everyone.
I'd like to introduce a new project from the creative minds that brought you Ghost in the Shell and Excel Saga: Masamune Shirow and Rikudo Koshi.

I chose this project due to being a huge Shirow fan; that's why I jumped at the chance to translate something he's worked on. He's kinda semi-retired now (Rikudo Koshi did most of the work on this series) but he still rocks.

GITS fans will immediately recognize the setting of this series: cyborgs, robots, cyberspace and guns...

Helping on this project are the lovely folks over at Japanzai who took over on typesetting/redrawing duties.


Chapter 01


  1. TY for this series! Looks interesting :)

  2. Another series banking on moe kawaii uguu shit with xyz plot. No thank you.

  3. so he drew a loli this time..
    btw TY..

  4. Thank you!! I love you guys o/

  5. GITS fan here. I'll check it out, Thanks!

  6. This is epic! Thank you! I hope there is more :P