June 12, 2013

New Project - Captain Alice

Hello Everyone
Are you feeling down? Is there a Kabu no Isaki sized hole in your life?

To help you get through these difficult times (at least until we resume Kabu releases in July), here is something to keep the flying manga blues at bay. It's by Yuzo Takada who wrote the excellent 3x3 Eyes series.

Chapter 03

We'll get some Rinne out soon, too!


  1. OH GOD!!!! Captain Alice!!!!! :D

    Thank you Roselia ;) This recently ended:

    "Manga creator Yuzo Takada (3x3 Eyes, Blue Seed, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku) ended his Captain Alice manga in this year's 11th issue of Kodansha's Evening magazine on Wednesday. The message at the end of the manga's final chapter says that the author is now preparing his next work. Takada began serializing Captain Alice in 2009."

  2. Thanks a lot for picking up Captain Alice! :))

  3. +1 for the "It's by Yuzo Takada who wrote the excellent 3x3 Eyes series" bit, so true.

  4. why are you guys working on all the series except ultimate Venus? do you plan on dropping it. this is one of the series I really like I wish you would continue working on it

    1. no we are not droping ultimate venus that series just take some time to work on because there is alot of detail in the manga but i new chapter should be coming out soon

  5. Thank you very much for picking up Captain Alice. Had lost hope on it. You made my day :D