July 6, 2013

Kabu no Isaki 32

Hey Folks

I'm back and better so I decided to get start and get some kabu out so I don't disappoint my reader I finish this chapter in 1 day so i'm going to start on 33-34 and get them done might release as a double idk yet. we will just see how much love we get with this chapter so without further delay I give you chapter 32.

Links: Chapter 32


  1. Kabu *__*

  2. "We will just see how much love we get with this chapter?", you asked?
    Anything from Ashinano-sensei gets infinite love from me. Yes, infinite...

  3. *My body is ready*

    Thank you for mor KnI!!! :D

  4. Thanks for the release.
    Really appreciate that your group picked up Kabu no Isaki after Dou...loved Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and enjoying Kabu no Isaki as well. It's a shame these aren't licensed in English, I'd love to have a hard copy.

  5. Please accept this offering of my love... :-)

    Thanks for the chapter!