August 23, 2013

Kagerou Days Chapter 14

Hnnnghh that chapter ending! I hate cliffhangers D:
Day 17, guys o/

By the way, have you all heard the new song in the Kagerou Project series about Takane and Haruka, Yuukei Yesterday? I'll add it at the bottom of this post, in case any of you are interested. I just really love the two of them! X3

Download link: Chapter 14


  1. Hi. Hope posting here is alright :P
    I saw you guys were doing this series and decided to tell you for funzies that I'm going to be scan(s)lating some doujins based off the Kagerou Project.

    I found the second episode after it was released in C84. Of course I have the first one as well~

    Here's the cover. I'll probably be directing people to your guys' site for Kagerou Days in my releases or w/e.

    1. Ooh, good to know! Best of luck with your projects :D