August 17, 2013

Kiss wa Me ni Shite Chapter 2

Hey folks

Day 11

Here is chapter 2 of Kiss wa Me ni Shite. I'm really liking the response we are getting from this manga keep it up and we will try to keep getting them out fast so without further delay here is chapter 2

Link:  Chapter 2


  1. Seriously, why a date?!?!?Maybe there is a fake girlfriend or he only wants to forgot her? Anyway I love his dog! Really funny!!
    Thanks a lot guys Ueda sensei is the best!!!

  2. Thanky for this wonderful series ^^. This Manga is really hilarious and I like the characters ^^. I love Uedas works ;-).
    I am looking forward for a new chapter. Thanks for your hard and great work!

  3. Really really Thanks for the great work
    and for the fast release ,I’m looking forward
    for the next chapter <3