October 7, 2013

Special A - Street Fight - Chapter 2 + News

Hi everyone!
Today we bring you the second chapter of Special A - Street Fight! Ahh, Finn and Ryuu are so cute too!

In other news, the forums will be down for 2-3 days. If you wish to contact us, feel free to use the shoutbox, come onto IRC, or email me ;)

Furthermore, starting today, we will officially be putting two series, Sakura Juuyuushi and Kiss wa me ni Shite, on hiatus. Unfortunately, we only have the RAWs for the series in Japanese, and we do not have enough available Japanese translators. As soon as we find someone to translate those 2 series, we promise to get right back on them immediately! :(

That said, we are recruiting Japanese translators!  If you know one or are one who wants to help, please let us know! Also, for some, as Moa would call it, "blatant advertising", if you appreciate our work and would like to see more, please donate! It will never be obligatory, but we do spend a lot of time and effort on these scanlations and sometimes our own money to pay for high quality RAWs. Thanks, everyone! :)

Download link: Chapter 2


  1. Yay, thanks a lot guys for the 2nd chapter of this SA special edition <3 much appreciated~!

  2. AHhhhh!!! Finn and Ryuu are SOOO cute, I love them~<3
    Thank you for the hard work you guys and girls!!

  3. Thanks a lot, please translate the next one i think its abour megumi and Yahiro and the chapter is so cute, i am so glad you pick up this one, please please dont stop, i am so happy for this

  4. I hope you ended up having more Japanese translators at the time of this post.

  5. I keep getting a message that says "invalid or deleted file" when I try to access these chapter downloads. Are there new links available? I'd love to read the series.