November 12, 2013

Kyoukai no Rinne 156

Day 12 of the daily challenge.

Rinne is back!
We're slowly catching up with the Japanese releases of Rinne (this week is chapter 215 in Japan!)

Links: Download | Read Online

Ultimate Venus is back tomorrow!


  1. I'm getting addicted to the releases daily hahaha. The good side of the gap is that you use the volume version. Actually I prefer you use volume version than magazine version xD. Then I have absolutely no problem with it hehehe.

    Ah of course, thank you for the chapter! :)

    1. An interesting thing about Rinne is that it is a seasonal manga. The seasons in the magazine chapters match their release date. We're just over a year behind the weekly Japanese releases, so the stories we're releasing now are set in the summertime.