December 6, 2013

Final chapter: Kabu no Isaki c.48, Omake and Volume releases

Hey Folks

Day 36 of the challenge.

Well here we are folks it the end of a great series, Yes I'm talking about Kabu no Isaki I know most of us don't want to see it end but the time has come so without delaying it any longer here is the final chapter.

Kabu no Isaki Chapter 48 and Omake

Volume 04
Volume 05
Volume 06

More Manga Tomorrow.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the ride, everyone!

    1. I want to take the time to truly thank you and MCdJason for taking the lead on this great manga doing such a good job on it! Now, without any more delay, I'll proceed to read the chapter in question.

      Thanks again! I'll hang around for more Niea and any other interesting projects you release in the future :)

    2. I misstyped Dmacjason's nick.Sorry!

  2. Thank you so much, it's been wonderful! Are you planning anything else by Ashinano sensei?

  3. Ohhhhh!! Kabu no Isaki is over! Congratz Roselia! A little comparison: Aria is a masterpiece. Although it isn't the same level than Aria, Amanchu still is awesome. It's the same situation for Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Kabu no Isaki. YKK is my favorite slice of life manga! Kabu no Isaki isn't the same level, but it's still GREAT!

    I enjoy the Ride. THANK YOU Roselia.

  4. thanks to everyone who worked on this manga, maybe one day in the future a publisher will bring Ashinano's work to the west. not going to hold my breath though!

  5. Thanks so much for completing Kabu no Isaki! As a big Ashinano fan, I was not happy when scanlation stalled out a couple of years ago.

    You've done good work on this manga, and I hope you're all suitably proud.

    1. Thanks! Of all the series I work on at Roselia, Kabu no Isaki was probably my favorite. I was a little reluctant to finish the series, that's how much I loved it.

      For Ashinano-sensei fans, I've got a couple of minor things of his that I plan to release in the near future.

      Anyway, with Kabu no Isaki finished, any recommendations for a new slice-of life series that I can work on (until the next Ashinano series comes along)?

    2. Hi tristanthorn!
      Thank you for scanlating Kabu no Isaki. I love Ashinano sensei's works (Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is one of my favorite manga of all time!)
      Since you asked for a suggestion for a slice of life series to work on, can you please work on 'Saturn Apartments'?

      I've heard it's a really good series. However, for some unknown reason, the series has been dropped by the group which was scanlating them.
      Thanks anyways!

    3. @gan:
      Why would any group make the effort to translate this manag again if it's released in English already?

      Saturn Apartments:
      Licensed (in English)
      English Publisher
      Viz (7 Volumes - Complete)

      Thanks for finishing Kabu no Isaki. I used to be @op at #mangaproject and fell in love with YKK when we started releasing. Since then, I never have enough of Ashinano's work.
      I'm really looking forward to your new "Slice of life" project.

  6. Thanks a lot for finishing the series!

  7. Thanks! For picking this series up when Dou dropped it and for making it all the way to the end so fast!

  8. Was awesome! crazy weird ending though. Was it supposed to be sort of a "oops, he dreamed it all" kind of thing? only with no actual accident or waking up part.

  9. Hi tristanthorn, again I want to thank you for giving us the scanlation of this beautiful manga. Ashinano is truly my favorite mangaka, and I enjoy every release I find of him. I am happy that you will translate other pieces of him, too. Please keep up your great work! Cheers! :-)

  10. Big thanks for this, loved the series (including the crazy ending)!

    Reviewed it on my comics blog, ; in Swedish so probably not understandable at all by most readers ^_^