January 25, 2014

New Series! Kotonoba Drive

Yeah baby!

Were you sad when Kabu no Isaki ended? Do you miss YKK? Well good news, because Ashinano Hitoshi is back with a new monthly series! And we're picking it up.

(btw it's our our first day one release!)

Kotonoba Drive - Chapter 01

The next chapter is February 25th...

Some other Roselia releases by Ashinano-sensei:
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Turbo Type S


  1. Special thanks go out to lolman for the heads up!

  2. Thank you very much for this scanlation! I wonder where Ashinano sensei will take us this time...

  3. Man, roselia scans should change the name to Lightspeed scans hehehe. That is Ashinano-sensei for you! I loved it. Very promising manga!

    Thank you tristanthorn & Dmacjason! :D

  4. More Ashinano's goodness for everyone.

  5. Very nice ... thanks!

  6. News:
    "The Internet domain name "nozakikun.tv" was registered under the name Kadokawa Corporation on Thursday. There is currently no website at that web address."
    Hohohoho likely Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun anime :D

  7. Thanks!!! Let's check this out.

  8. Thanks for all of your work, it's very appreciated.

  9. I had one of those bikes, about thirty years ago... Honda ST70, heh.

    Thanks for doing this manga, feels like PositioN -- there was one chapter about cycling through a sea mist as I recall.