January 30, 2014

Ultimate Venus - Chapter 32

Hellooo everyone!

Today we bring you the last chapter of volume 7 of Ultimate Venus!
We're finally picking up the pace a bit on this series, so look forward to more soon~

Links: Chapter 32 - Download | Read Online


  1. I heard that you guys were considering the "Good Weather" anthology. Is that still going on?

    1. If you mean the Otomo anthology, then sure we plan to work on it. We need better raws though, all we have are lq internet raws; and as the volume is out of print original copies of Good Weather and Boogie Woogie Waltz both start at around 5,000 yen: approx 50 dollars each.

      I'm currently translating Sayonara Nippon, and have two more chapters to finish before moving onto the next Otomo anthology.

      If any generous soul feels like making donations then that would certainly speed up a Good Weather release.

  2. Thanks so much for all your hard work on Ultimate Venus :D Keep up the great work!