March 26, 2014

Final Incal - volume 1

It's time for Roselia scans to show some Bande dessinée SF love!

Here's the first part of the Final Incal trilogy by demented genius Alejandro Jodorowsky and Ladrönn.

Final Incal T1


  1. OH MY GOD!!! AWSOME! It's apparently out for 2014 release by Humanoids though, so hurry up ;)

    1. Well, unless you're happy to pay the incredibly eye-gouging price of $400 in May for only around 200 pages, you'll have to wait until November for the peasants edition. :/

    2. "Limited to 200 numbered copies. Includes a slipcase, 3 loose illustrations, and a signed bookplate by Jodorowsky & Ladrönn. Available UK July 2014."

      I'm such a lame otaku, I can't stop drooling... :(