March 18, 2014

Partner Chapter 10

New chapter, guys! They're just dying off, one by one, aren't they....

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  1. Oh, Partner!! Thank you! + 4 chapters to go...:D

    Ah, @Tristanthorn: Oh My Goddess! will end in the June issue of Afternoon :0

  2. Replies
    1. Lol tristan are you a fan of Oh My Goddess!?

    2. juneliu92, tristanthorn translates Oh My Goddess for the Goddess Miyaku Team :)

    3. Ohh I see! I just found out The World God Only Knows is ending soon too, and I'm so sad *^*

    4. I'm sad, too! However, check out:
      You can see the name 若木民喜 (WAKAKI Tamiki aka TWGOK author) in the flyer. So he will start a new manga this year. (I believe next semester) :D

      The last year and this year is being deadly to mangas. Everything is ending. Again!! (Kubo Mitsurou) and Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou (Hirakawa Aya) is ending, too. koe no katachi also will end this year :(

    5. I'd be sad when AMG ends, I've enjoyed translating it. I'm sure the author will be back with a new series though!

    6. @tristanthorn, there will also be an important announcement in that issue (June issue of Afternoon). It can be a new AMG anime project or maybe the new Fujishima-sensei manga. It's not clear if the announcement has relation to AMG, although.

    7. I already buy Afternoon for Kotonoba Drive, so if it's a new manga series I could scan that too.

  3. Yeah!! That's good to know :D

    Ah, the last AMG volume is 48. It will be released in 25/07. :)

    1. I translated c306 in the February issue of Afternoon, so if it finishes in June the c306 should be the last chapter. So sad! They're getting married though, so I guess it's okay.

    2. Do you mean the last chapter is the 310, right?

      It's confirmed, the important announcement is about AMG. I'm thinking now it also can be an AMG spin-off heheh. I'd love an anime adaptation of the last arc. Man, I'm sad. I still remember when I loved the AMG OVA in the 90s. Belldandy is of my favorite manga/anime char. I hope someday the manga is published in my country :)

      Ah, now ANN announced:
      Will you buy the Volume 48 deluxe Limited-Edition Final Box? 5,000-yen xD

    3. I can't count!

      The final chapter is being released on April 25th, so that makes it chapter 308.