March 27, 2014

Special A -Street Fight- Chapter 6

Last chapter, and the cutest of them all! After that, there's just the omake left. Enjoy, everyone! X3

Links: Download | Read Online


  1. Thank you Roselia :)

  2. is Rosalia scans planning on scanning the omake? just wondering since i was planning on reading this after it was fully complete.

    thanks for all the scans!!

  3. never mind, i just saw the release apologies. thanks again.

  4. Sorry to be dense, but what's omake? Thanks for doing this series, I've been looking everywhere, trying to buy it and can't find it. :(

    Do you know if there are more coming in the series or is this it (I was really hoping for that wedding!)?

    1. Hi Beth, "omake" means extra, and in terms of manga, it's usually a small mini-chapter at the end of the chapter/volume, etc. This series was a casualty when Mediafire banned my account for copyright infringement because of GSNK, but all chapters of all our series are available to read/download on our online reader.

    2. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for explaining! I'll check out the online reader!