April 25, 2014

New Series - You're Under Arrest!

As some of you may know, I also translate Ah! Megami-sama for Goddess Miyaku Team. That series is now finished (I'm translating the final chapter this very second!) so I'm going to tackle a couple of his other series: You're Under Arrest! and Paradise Residence. Paradise Residence will be replacing Ah! Megami-sama as Fujishima-sensei's new monthly series in Afternoon.

You're Under Arrest! - Chapter 01 download  |  read online


  1. woohoo!! thx alot!! i also like Ah! megami sama series!! thx alot for both manga!!

  2. Thank you for the chapter.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Yeah!!! Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! Absolute classic! I loved it! You used a very high quality raw o_o. I had no idea that the chapters are so short! I really liked that new cover #1. I read it while listening to "Looking Up To The Sky", the ending from You're Under Arrest! (1996).

    I'm looking forward to the next chapter and Ah! Megami-sama final chapter (Oh lord, I'm already thrilled)!! I think I'm really slow because I've seen just now the "Release Schedule" hahaha. To my surprise, I see Pastel there!!! I don't know who chooses the titles, but this person has a great taste! :)

    1. dmacjason has been bugging me for weeks to translate Pastel (I translated c133 last week) so thank him for that one.
      As to who chose what:
      -juneliu92: Ultimate Venus, Nozaki-kun, Kagerou Days
      -dmacjason: Futari Ecchi, Pastel, Kiss wa Me ni Shite
      -And I'm doing anything by: Takahashi Rumiko (Rinne, Rumic Theater), Ashinano Hitoshi (Kabu, Kotonoba Drive), Otomo Katsuhiro, ABe Yoshitoshi (NieA_7, Ryuushika)

      There's a lot of inter-lapping though and we end up working on each other's series.

    2. Each one is distinct. dmacjason embraced the ecchi side of force hehehe. Thank you for the information :D

  5. Thanks!!! I really like this manga.

  6. This anime (all three seasons) was a favorite around the house. I look forward to the manga, which I've never seen.

  7. I know this is asking WAY ahead from now, but will you also being Season 2 and the movie mangas?