April 5, 2014

Ryuushika Ryuushika

Here's the rest of volume 07, plus a v2 of chapter 40 with a much smaller filesize.

Volume 08 comes out on April 28th, so expect more Ryuushika soon after.

If you're an ABe Yoshitoshi fan, NieA_7 chapter 04 is coming soon, and I've got a handful of his doujins (I Am an Alien. I Have a Question./ Pochiyama at the Pharmacy) waiting to be translated.

Ryuushika Ryuushika
chapter 40 (v2):              download | read online
chapter 41:                    download | read online
chapter 42:                    download | read online

Chapter 01:                  download | read online
Chapter 02:                  download | read online
Chapter 03:                  download | read online
Chapter 3b:                  download | read online


  1. Ryuushika Ryuushika!!! Thank you so much guys :D

    I'm looking forward to NieA 7 + doujins :)

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)