June 5, 2014

Paradise Residence - Chapter 01

Since Ah! Megami-sama finished last month in Afternoon, Fujishima Kousuke has promoted his irregular mini-side project "Paradise Residence" to a full length, main project.

Just to confuse things, the 8 previous short chapters that were released in Good! Afternoon are now known as Paradise Residence zero and the chapter count has been reset to chapter 1.

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  1. Paradise Residence :3. 26 pages!! :D. Thank you!!

    Wow, that's confuse xD. Can you edit the chapter 7 and 8 as chapter 0 (7) and chapter 0 (8). Then I will send a msg to KidCongo to change the chapter 1-6 as chapter 0 (1-6). What do you think?

  2. Ah, I'm late! you have changed it xD