August 23, 2014

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Download Files

PSA: So it seems like a whole bunch of the chapters of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun have been removed from Mediafire due to copyright infringement? D:
I don't know which ones exactly, since there were so many, so if anyone can help us figure out, please let me know! Otherwise, the chapters are still available on our online reader, plus any other number of manga streaming sites!

In slightly related news, Izumi Tsubaki drew a color insert for Vol. 5, with the colored version of the Satan End from Secret Days♡ and silly dialogue from our male gamers.  zcatcracker translated it, so I'll just post it right here~

Click on the picture for a bigger version!


  1. um... at all link still work but ch 11 and 12 is the ones that doesnt work so far

  2. These are the ones missing:
    - from 13 to 23
    - from 26 to 28
    - from 30 to 38
    - from 40 to 41

    Could you upload them please? I really like to have them saved on my computer :D

    1. Thank you! I've reuploaded all the chapters that were taken down and if they get removed again, we'll try to figure something else out.... >.>

    2. Argh! They've taken them down. Can't download T_T

    3. I've renamed AND reuploaded the files and I THINK it should work now! Thanks for all the help testing out the links :'D

  3. Nooooo...!!! Just finished reading till chp.30 and I'm craving for more...T^T

  4. In the future, use JDownloader 1 (the original, not JDownloader2), and just copy the Mediafire folder link. It'll automatically parse all of the links and tell you which ones aren't working. Quick way of checking hundreds of files.