September 13, 2014

P no Higeki

Here's some more old school 80's manga! The final three chapters of P no Higeki.

Rumic Theater is a long running series of seinen one-shots by Takahashi Rumiko. Every year a new chapter gets released in Big Comic Original. Currently the series is halfway through volume 05.

P no Higeki - chapter 04 download | read online
P no Higeki - chapter 05 download | read online
P no Higeki - chapter 06 download | read online

Volume releases

Volume 01 - P no Higeki
Volume 02 - Senmu no Inu
Volume 03 - Akai Hanataba
Volume 04 - Unmei no Tori
Volume 05 (ongoing) - Coming soon!


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  2. Thanks for this; finally we have the japanese versions of these instead of the weird old Viz collections :-)

    1. Yeah, Viz only translated the first volume, but they got the tone all wrong. Rumic Theater is a seinen series, full of touching and bitter-sweet moments. The problem is, Viz decided to translate identically to the Rumic World series, which is shonen. So they added a bunch of "crazy" sfx and wacky screwball dialogue.

      Nevermind, it's fixed now.