October 30, 2014

Otomo Katsuhiro mega-release

The Otomo Committee is back! And we've got a treat for you.

Item no.1: Apple Paradise

A rare, unfinished series that was never reprinted or collected.

chapter 01 download | read online
chapter 02 ***coming soon***

Item no.2: Highway Star

 From the second collection of Otomo shorts.

chapter 01 download | read online
chapter 02 ***coming soon***

 Item no.3: Good Weather 
The third collection of Otomo shorts. This rare volume is currently out of print and fetches high prices in online auctions.

chapter 01 download | read online
chapter 02 ***coming soon***

Item no4: Sayonara Nippon

The fourth collection of Otomo shorts.
chapter 01             download | read online
chapter 02             download | read online
chapter 03             download | read online
chapter 04             download | read online
chapter 05             download | read online
chapter 06             download | read online
chapter 07             ***coming soon***
chapter 08 (final)    download | read online

Item no5: Hansel and Gretel

The fifth collection of Otomo shorts. rare and out of print, we released this back in September 2013

download | read online

Item no.6: Boogie Woogie Waltz

From the sixth collection of Otomo shorts. Like Good Weather and Hansel and Gretel, this is out of print and quite sought after.

chapter 01 download | read online
chapter 02 ***coming soon***

Item no.7: Kanojo no Omoide

The seventh collection of Otomo shorts, currently out of print. We released this December 2013.

download | read online

Bonus: A couple of recent uncollected shorts
Kouen                                 download | read online
DJ Teck's Morning Attack     download | read online

This release was brought to you by the Otomo Committee: a collaboration between Roselia Scans and Gantz_Waitingroom.


  1. Really excited to see these get done.

  2. Otomodose! *___*

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  3. Are you not going to scan the dust cover for Good Weather, etc.?

  4. The covers will be included in the last release of each book, whole volume style.

  5. Thank you for Sayonara Nippon!

    I'm a little confused though, was it only chapters 1-6 + 8 that got a re-release? Or only chapter 8 that's a new release since chapters 1-6 were already scanlated in English?

    1. Chapters 1-4 are a higher resolution than the previously released chapters. For conveniences sake I added the links for chapters 5-6 for anyone that hasn't downloaded them before. And I translated chapter 8 before 7 because chapter 7 is massive. Hope that makes sense!