March 16, 2015

Monday Release

Takahashi Rumiko
Kyoukai no Rinne - Chapter 193 Download | Read Online
Someday He's Gonna Get Me (One-shot) Download | Read Online

Fujishima Kousuke
You're Under Arrest! - Chapter 10 Download | Read Online

Ashinano Hitoshi
Kotonoba Drive - Chapter 13 Download | Read Online

See you next Monday!


  1. _Very_ interesting chapter of "Kotonoda Drive," thanks! Probably as close as Ashinano-sensei ever gets to "explaining."

  2. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Really appreciate the return to regular releases of your Seinen projects.
    Btw you probably know that Ryushika Ryushika Volume 9 goes on sale this week, so hopefully you can get your hands on that and spoil us with some ABe [^_^] (much needed since Azuma cut off a steady supply of Yotsuba [¬_¬]).
    Can I just humbly request that if and when you start cleaning Ryushika, you ask Xavier to go easy on the filters as the last few chapters had unnecessary blurring of detail and artefacting of the Moiré pattern. Colour scans of hardcopy will never be flat like the webcomic and are all the better for it.
    Hope this is taken as constructive criticism, as you're doing a great job on series I genuinely enjoy.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I have been considering switching to using webrips to release with for Ryuushika. Thoughts?

    2. I personally prefer scans coz of the bigger dimensions, tankoubon extras and subjective dislike of webcomics...

      But I understand that you have to organise(and pay?) for scans* and I think I'm right in saying ABe draws リューシカ・リューシカ digitally for GanganOnline so the webcomic-look is intentional...

      *btw you may be able to get scans from the guy at Habanero:

  4. Thank you for rinne! Looking forward to next Monday!