April 6, 2015

Monday Release

Takahashi Rumiko
Kyoukai no Rinne - Chapter 196 Download | Release Online
Kemo's 24 Hour's (one-shot) Download | Read Online

In case you're wondering, Kemo Kobiru is Takahashi Rumiko's college era psudonym...
Kobiru is a Japanese anagram of "Rumiko".

留(Ru) 美(Mi) 子(Ko) ====> 子(Ko) 美(Bi) 留(Ru)
[Don't ask why the Mi becomes Bi; it's just because Kanji!!]

Fujishima Kousuke
You're Under Arrest! - Chapter 13 Download | Read Online


  1. Thank you \o/

    Tristan, did you see Rinne anime? The first episode is pretty good :D

  2. Thanks a lot for the releases!! :)