April 23, 2016

Kiss wa me ni Shite

Oh look, another chapter of Kiss wa me ni Shite!

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately we're fresh out of translators to help out with this series. Still, we've managed to get to the end of the first volume, although this is where we must part ways with it.

A big thank you to our Kiss wa me ni Shite readers! We hope you'll look forward to our other projects!

Kiss wa me ni Shite - Chapter 6 Download | Read Online
Kiss wa me ni Shite - Volume 1 Download


  1. personal hello to accompany some scan projects I wonder if you guys can continue the project "delivery cinderella " which was dropped one after time because the translator disappeared and abandoned everything . then I thought you guys could take it to not leave a good design so forgotten (sorry my bad English ) >.<