May 19, 2016

Paradise Residence, the complete package

And that's all, folks!
My buddy Jimmy_C from Goddess Miyaku Team put this release together. This ultimate version contains:

  • Extras from all three manga volumes.
  • Chapters 1 and 21 completely redone with pages from the manga volume.
  • First and last pages of every other chapter redone with pages from the manga volumes.
  • Several pages in various chapters redone with pages from the manga volumes to replace degradation in the original magazine scans. And some other fixes.

Sadly, Jimmy and I planned to work on the next Fujishima Kousuke project together, but alas it seems there will be a simultaneous English release on the web so our services are no longer required. Hope you read it! First chapter comes out on May 25th...


  1. The torrent doesn't work. Put it on Mega, maybe?

  2. Ok, for anyone trying the torrent, add this to the trackers list: