December 8, 2016

GSNK 5th Anniversary Poll Results

Some of you requested that we translate the results to the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 5th Anniversary Poll, so here it is!  Here is the link to the poll results on the website.
Translation by zcatcracker.

1. What's your favorite chapter? (Link to chapter tranlations are available for convenience)
        1. Ch. 40
        2. Ch. 32
        3. Ch. 54
        4. Ch. 8
        5. Ch. 2
        6. Ch. 42
        7. Ch. 21
        8. (tie) Ch. 36
        8. (tie) Ch. 31
        10. Ch. 1
        11. Ch. 41
        12. Ch. 60
        13. Ch. 55
        14. Ch. 66
        15. Ch. 50
        16. Ch. 47
        17. Ch. 3
        18. Ch. 38
        19. Ch. 59
        20. Ch. 65

2. Should Mikorin have a girlfriend?
        1. Being all alone is its own charm!
        2. He has Mayu! (for merch)
        3. Give the poor guy one.
        4. He has tanuki! (for merch)

3. Kind of late to ask, but what's your opinion on the time progression in the series?
        1. "It can be like Saza_-san where there can be infinite summers! Trips to the pool every year!"
        2. Either way doesn't matter to me.
        3. "Let actual time pass like it should. Nozaki should keep Hori's impending graduation in mind and find a new background assistant!"

4. If a special chapter were to be drawn of one of the main character's sibling(s), whose sibling?
        1. Chiyo's little brother!
        2. Hori's little brother. (He was planned to be a tall megane boy.)
        3. Kashima's little sister.
        4. Waka's big sister and little brother.

5. If there's a minor, as-yet-unnamed character you think deserves to have a name, who is it?
        *Fun fact: Tsubaki Izumi was shocked at who #2 was.

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